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A bit about me

Deirdre Bain - Orchid Doula

A few words that describe me, in no particular order: bilingual (en/fr), feminist, nurturer, type-A, queer, ally & accomplice, introvert, advocate, survivor, partner, fur mama & future mama.

I’ve been a full spectrum doula & childbirth educator since 2017, & I absolutely love my job. It’s a rare thing to find a career path that aligns your personal beliefs & your skills in such a perfect way. Doula care is my home, it’s where I feel the most engaged & the most curious.

Since I began my training & certification in 2017 I haven’t stopped learning. Many people ask me “how does someone become a doula?” In my case, I took in-person birth & postpartum doula trainings with MotherWit Doula Care Montreal, & then spent a little over a year completing the certification requirements, including attending births, supporting postpartum clients, completing research assignments, & doing continuing education. I attended my first two births as an apprentice to a more experienced doula, and then spent 3 years working with the MotherWit Ottawa team, learning & sharing knowledge.  

Since my initial training, I’ve rarely passed up an opportunity to acquire new knowledge or a new skill in my field. Some topics that I’ve studied include lactation & infant feeding, constructing effective perinatal education, Rebozo techniques, Spinning Babies techniques, supporting adoption & surrogacy, providing evidence-based care, providing anti-racist care to Black & Indigenous folks, gender affirming birth practices, birth support for people with disabilities, & more! I strive to remain informed so that I can be the best possible resource for my clients.

I started Orchid Doula Services because I wanted to offer a unique range of services to families in Ottawa where I saw there were gaps. My services & classes are not just tailored to my clients needs, they respond to a need within the community. For example, my class designed for single parents is the first of its kind here in Ottawa. By supporting single parents as my clients, I recognized that they deserve a space curated for them in their perinatal period, so I set about making that happen.

I’m currently working on filling another gap in my knowledge & the parenting culture here in Ottawa. In Sept 2021 I will begin a graduate certificate in Sexual Health with the University of Alberta. Through this program and the knowledge I gain, I’m hoping to bridge the divide between sexual education and perinatal education. I believe that having a solid understanding of our bodies and their processes is key to a holistically healthy life.

Outside of Orchid, I’m also the co-founder and Executive Director of a local non-profit organization called Community Doula Access (CDA). CDA provides professional postpartum doula care to low & moderate-income families in Ottawa & Gatineau. We believe that every family deserves support in welcoming their new baby, regardless of income. We also believe that doulas deserve to be fairly compensated for their work. Community Doula Access makes both principles a reality, by providing free care to families & fundraising to pay doulas directly.

All my work is founded on the idea that by actively supporting bodily autonomy & informed choice, we can break cycles of trauma & make way for a society that puts mental health & body sovereignty first. I practice doula work in the hope that by supporting health for parents, they will impart health onto their children, which in turn creates a healthy society.