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Pregnancy & Birth as a Single or Co Parent

Preparing for the
Fourth Trimester 
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Understanding Pregnancy & Childbirth

Preparing for the Fourth Trimester

Infant Feeding 101

Sibling Preparation Course

Environmentally Conscious Parenting

Sex & Intimacy in the Childbearing Year


Prenatal Education

Evidence-based classes to help you make informed decisions

Pregnancy & Childbirth as a Single or Co Parent

Co-developd by Annick MF & Deirdre Bain, this course is designed for single & co-parents. *Space for Annick intro* 

Deirdre was raised by a single mother,co-parenting with my father & his partner, my step mom. My experience has given me some insights into the world of single & co parenting. My work as a doula supporting single parents has furthered my passion for providing education & support on these topics. I believe that all parents have what it takes to care for their children, whether alone, with a co-parent, or with your community. My goal is to educate & support you in finding your unique parenting style.

Topics covered include:

  • Birthing as a single parent

  • Co-parenting with a birthing person

  • Birth partners

  • Birth places & care providers

  • The labour process

  • What to expect when you enter your birth place

  • Comfort measures

  • Common interventions

  • Making informed decisions & advocating for yourself

  • Connecting with your community


Understanding Pregnancy & Childbirth

This X hour class will equip you with the basic knowledge every parent should have before entering the birthing room. This course was developed by me, Deirdre Bain, with the knowledge I have gained in my years as a birth doula in Ottawa. I have attended births in every hospital & birth center in the Ottawa area. I have taken my experience and distilled it, so that you can make use of it on your own journey.

Topics covered:

  • Preparing for birth

  • The labour process

  • Comfort measures in labour

  • What to expect when you enter your birth place

  • Common interventions

  • Making informed decisions & advocating for yourself

  • The immediate postpartum

Preparing for the Fourth Trimester

The three months following your baby's birth are a gentle & delicate time in your lives. It is a time to nourish yourself, to bond with your baby, & to get to know yourself as a parent. 

This class is intended to educate prospective parents on what to expect in the postpartum period. You will learn how to get ready, & how to care for yourself and your baby.

Topics covered include:

  • Preparing before baby's arrival

  • The immediate postpartum

  • Coming home

  • Feeding

  • Birthing person's healing

  • Normal newborn behaviours

  • Sleep

  • Postpartum mental health

  • Nutrition & more!


Sibling Preparation Course

This course is designed for parents to learn strategies in helping their older children adjust to a new role as a sibling.

Our first children will always be our babies, but what happens when we welcome a new baby? How will our first child feel? Will they feel unloved or forgotten? Will I have enough time & energy to care for them both? This class will help you introduce the idea of a new sibling to your child, and prepare you to foster a loving relationship between your children.

This class is appropriate for parents of children of all ages (0-18).

Healthy planet, healthy people - sustainable parenting

The Earth is precious, and we all have a responsibility to care for our environment. When it comes to parenting, we can make a number of choices to reduce waste, consume less, and support local businesses! This class is designed to give you the tools to parent your child in a healthy sustainable way.

Topics covered include:

  • chemicals harmful to humans and the environment

  • reducing waste

  • cloth diapering

  • feeding

  • local businesses

  • products & services and more!


Sex & Intimacy in the Childbearing Year

Co- developed with local doula and sex educator, Rhube Knox this class is built to help you navigate sex & intimacy throughout pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. 

Our bodies change a lot from conception through pregnancy, birth & postpartum. How does sex fit into our lives in this time? Will we want to have sex? Will we be able to? What if I want to, and my partner doesn’t? 

There are so many questions on this topic! We believe that like any other aspect of our lives, evidence-based education & empathy go a long way. 

This class is designed to be inclusive of all sexual orientations, for partner sex & masturbation. 

Topics covered include:

  • Connecting with yourself

  • The Clitoral system

  • Changes during pregnancy

  • Sex in birth

  • Orgasmic birth

  • Postpartum healing

  • Breastfeeding & Hormones

  • The pelvic floor

  • Feeling sexy while in "parent mode"



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