Orchid Childbirth Education

Education for new parents is a crucial aspect of doula care.
In order to make informed decisions about your care, your body & your baby, parents need to understand the physiological, emotional & medical realities of pregnancy, birth and parenting. 
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 You & Your New Baby

Preparing for postpartum for solo parents

& co-parenting families

$90 (sliding scale available)

In this five week course, participants will take a deep dive into the early days of parenthood & understand how to care for themselves & their newborn babies.

Designed specifically to inspire confidence in single & co-parents, You & Your New Baby addresses the unique strengths & challenges of parenting independently.

In this course, it's not only the material that is important, but the community building that happens by learning together. By creating a space where single & co-parents can connect, we hope to facilitate lasting bonds of support which will endure beyond the classroom.

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Sex & Pleasure in pregnancy, birth & postpartum

from $15

In partnership with Venus Envy Ottawa

This course is designed to demystify the changes that occur in our bodies and our relationships throughout pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. By examining the physiological processes occurring in each of these three periods, we can better understand our drives, our emotions and our capacity to physically connect. We will discuss how to stay in touch with ourselves, how to initiate or maintain intimacy with partners, and how to explore new avenues for pleasure as our bodies and desires change.

Whether you are pregnant, postpartum or simply curious, this course will give you tools and knowledge to engage in pleasurable activities in a comfortable and consensual way. If you are a partner to a pregnant or birthing person, you will learn how to understand the changes that are occurring in their body, and how you can communicate and connect to facilitate intimacy for your partner and yourself.

This class is offered periodically through Venus Envy. 

The next course date will be in April, 2021. Check back for registration details!

Preparing for Birth


Every family begins their journey into parenthood at different stages of learning. I believe that the more educated you are going into your birth, the higher the likelihood that you will have the outcome you desire. We can’t control every aspect of birth, however by understanding the physiological processes & the medical system within which we birth, parents can make informed decisions about their care & the care of their children.

This course is 4 hours of total in-class learning (via Zoom) & additional handouts, videos and resources are provided.

Topics covered include:

  • Caring for yourself in pregnancy & beyond

  • The human reproductive system

  • The physiologic birth process

  • Envisioning your birth

  • Coping Mechanisms & Comfort Measures

  • Navigating the medical system & making informed decisions

  • Medical interventions in labour

  • Choice of care provider & place of birth

  • The Immediate postpartum period

  • Caring for yourself & your baby

& More!

This class is designed to be inclusive of all family structures & doesn't assume the gender or sexuality of birthing families. 


New classes will be posted here as they become available!
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